At Last! This Wretched Week is Over!  

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Yup, you guessed it, SEM BREAK HAS FINALLY ARRIVED! WOOHOO! I'm free! Hallelujah! I'm so glad this week is over... 

Time to give a recap on my day... Okay then, my maid made chicken pandan for the food sharing thing. Actually, I found out that I wasn't supposed to bring in Thai food. I was supposed to bring in Korean food. And I did the research and everything! I could have killed myself. And, the guy who was supposed to do Thai in the first place, brought the same food I brought! I mean, how much does that suck? A lot. 

Okay, so now since I have a lot of free time on my hands, I'll be making two new fan-fiction series. Here are the summaries for the both of them, but unfortunately they both don't have titles yet. Suggest some, too if you please!

Mikan Sakura has lived in luxury all her life. That is, until she is sent to her uncle's farm in the countryside to escape from the terrible plague that finished her mother off. She meets Natsume Hyuuga, a poor, simple stableboy and begins to take an interest in him, befriending him gladly. Natsume takes some time to warm up to her, but eventually, he does, his friendship with her slowly turning into a mutual attraction. But Natsume feels that he is not good enough for her, and stays his distance. Mikan can't seem to understand why, and slowly seems to realize her own deeper feelings for Natsume. Will these two overcome their defenses and confess? Or will they keep their feelings bottled up?

Okay! That was the first one I did. I'm nearly done with the first chapter, but I can't seem to get a good title. Help me please! Okay, I'm planning on a another update to every single one of my fan-fiction series that I haven't finished. Be ready! Now here's the next summary... It's in Natsume's POV (point of view)

I wasn't allowed to actually live a life. Nor to reveal any of my emotions. That was just the way it was. That was the life of an assassin. But after an encounter with a certain brunette, I don't think my feelings will stay the same. 

Wee! I guess you're all intrigued now? If you are, wait patiently for my update, and suggest some titles too while you're at it! PLEASE! I really need it. 

I don't have anything to say now, and I might not post anything this week sooner. I am going to update on a lot after all. Well, for now, sayonara!          


PTCC Pass  

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I'm so glad it's almost over. I presented the world in the 1890's today. It went well. Most of the time. I guess. Uh huh. Maybe. Yeah. My research was on European literature of the 19th century. I found it, of course, in Wikipedia. Duh. 

And anyway, the PTCCs are finally over (at least for me.) The worst part was that my mom's PTCC with my teacher/principle was at 1:30 PM. And I got dismissed at 11:00. So, fortunately for me, I was allowed to go home first before I went back to school later at 1:00. But, that's not it. Unfortunately for me, my mom had scheduled all the PTCC and PTCs (Parent-Teacher-Conference. It's not fair. Only the 7th graders have PTCCs) of me and my sisters (I have two that go to my school) on the same day. One after the other. So, I had brought my ipod and four books to read, during the 3 hour stay in an empty school. Well, there were some people there, but nevertheless. I was completely and utterly BORED

Anyway, the PTCC went fine. They didn't ask me any personal questions unless this counts..."I only have one question for you. Your mom says you wanted to be a pastry chef when you grow up, and now you want to be a writer. Why the change?" That question was slightly hard to answer. So I decided to act all goody-goody and say something like... "Oh. After all the books I've read, I wanted to write as good as those." Was that stupid? Or not? Or do you care at all?

Whatever then, my teacher/principle accepted my answer and told me how I did on the LCOM, an exam I took during the semester. Good for me, because he said I got into the top 5 of my class! WOO! YEAH! I'M ON FIRE! Okay, well... 

The fan-fiction (My Music Camp) is going to be updated soon. WOOT! YES! There are some... ahem... interesting scenes in it. Check 'em out if you wanna. *grins maliciously* Seriously, stop by Don't forget to drop by a review while your at it! 

Gah, why do I keep on making short posts? Argh... Anyway, hope you all don't mind. See 'ya later. 

Random, Mindless Stuff  

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Phew! The week of doomed torture is nearly over. Today went by without a hitch; I've even received the results of my Filipino and Sibika tests! Just to see if you're wanting to know my score, here's what I earned. 

Sibika - 2nd 
Filipino - 1st; top

I feel so proud of myself. Sigh... Anyway, I'm typing up a long chapter for My Music Camp, so keep watch! And it's Mikan's debut too! Ballet, I mean. Natsume already got his chance to show his stuff in hip-hop. I got a lot of reviews telling me how hot I made him sound. Heh heh. Thanks to my reviewers! 

So, we had our P.E. Quarterly Exam today. It was practical; folk dancing. Let's just say I'm very... clumsy. Yeah, let's just stick with that. But, surprisingly, I did well! I might have gotten top! Might. I don't predict the future or anything like that. Just some steps, they were easy enough. Foot work and hand movements; they were fine separately, but together? That's a whole different matter. But either way, I did well. 

And we had a test, I forgot to say. On math. Yeah, it was kinda easy, only fractions (I mean, please! Fractions, for 7th graders?) I skipped 3 questions. But the rest I'm pretty sure I got it aced. Well... nah, not really. A bit. 

Nothing else interesting happened today, so I might as well dawdle about random, mindless stuff. Okay, so my fan-fiction is going well. In the only 5 chapters, so far, I have about... 94 reviews! WOWZA! I never knew I had that many... Ah, well. Hopefully, with my sixth chapter coming up soon (please don't forget to give it a glance, by the way) I'll be able to get a few more additions to the growing number. Drop by and give a generous review too, please! It would mean a lot to me. I'm deciding that as a reward to the lucky 100th reviewer, I'd dedicate the 7th or 8th chapter to him/her. Congrats to the lucky winner! Woot woot woot!

Whatever. Anyway, I guess I've got nothing more to say. Toodles, then. LOL. I never actually say the word "toodles" out loud. It just sounds too gay. And again, I don't care. 

Don't forget! Read and review my fan-fiction! My Music Camp 


PTCC Nightmare  

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I don't think I'll be able to last this week. No kidding. 

There's just too much due! As in, too much due. I don't know where to start. There's a research due tomorrow, and I'm not done (I need visual images/pictures). Then, there's art too tomorrow. And I need some stuff for art that I can't possibly get at such short notice. I hate myself. I was too lazy to get them when I had the chance! Sigh... 

Then, on Wednesday, I have a quarterly exam for P.E. It's a practical exam, no biggie though. But my coach's written exams are HELL. So hard... Sometimes, I can't get why it's called "Physical Education" when we don't do much physical things. Sigh again... And on that same day we have a test on math. One of my worst subjects. 

Thursday, there's another research due. I have a partner for that. My best friend is my partner. Unfortunately, we both have endless work to do, and weren't able to even get half of it finished. 

Thankfully, on Friday, we don't have P.E. (P.E. was moved to wednesday for the test) We have music though. But it's not that bad, its a free day so we can bring any instrument we want and have a party! XD I know the guys in my class are all gonna bring their guitars and strum till my ears bleed. No, actually, they do that everyday. Oh, for the party I'm supposed to bring one Thai dish. No offense to those Thai food lovers, but I hate Thai. I gotta research on the country I got the dish from too. I wanted to do Japan but my classmate just had to get it. Thanks to her. Note the sarcasm. 

But after Friday, I'M FREE!!!!!!! Its sem break. Semester break for those bimbos who can't get shortcuts. Anyway, hopefully, I'll be able to finish all that and update on my fanfiction. 

If you have the heart, drop by and review please? My fanfiction pen name is "Tearless Sonnet" Just search me in and you'll find it. Don't forget the review part. 

Wait, I almost forgot the whole point of this blog! This week, we have PTCCs (Parent-Teacher-Child-Conference) and so we're all allowed to leave early fro school, like at 11:00. This is a new thing, actually, because we got a new principal. He's our teacher. Ouch. If you screw up, you won't get sent to the principal's office now! LOL. But he's okay, I mean. He's funny and all. Anyway, back to the point, the PTCCs are now including us (well only the 7th graders, yes, including me) in it. As in, before, we weren't supposed to be there when the PTCCs were going on. Now we're going to actually be there. Well, hopefully things won't go too bad... 


PS: All my fanfiction are Gakuen Alice.       

I Made It Through Tuesday Alive  

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I made it through Tuesday alive.

Thankfully, I made it. For all those people who thought I wouldn't survive, IN YOUR FACE! Well, anyway, time to tell you about my day. Not that you want to hear it, but oh well.
So, today we were supposed to report on the world in the 1890's. But then, most of the males in our class were just cramming and our Teacher/Principal decided to postpone it to... I don't know. Tomorrow maybe. Good thing I finished it. I was panicking when I got to school this morning, I asked my friend to print some pictures for me. Yeah, I'm a slave-driver. Well, thank goodness, because she brought and it was laser printed. It was all smooth and stuff. Neat. 

I was ecstatic when she gave it to me. Thanking her over and over again. She just brushed me off saying, 'No problem, your welcome.' Seriously, she is my life saver. Oh yeah, did I mention she's my best friend? No? Well know you know.

Well, I pasted it to my manila poster and wala! I'm done. The pictures were a bit small though. But who cares? They're laser printed! I showed it to my Teacher and he gave the okay. 

I was able to type up a little bit on My Music Camp, my Gakuen Alice fan-fiction. If you haven't read it, then read it. Just some little tid-bits of NXM moments. Maybe I'll be able to get a few more reviews. It'll have a bit of Mikan's ballet, which she wasn't able to show what she could do. 

Hey, for those other fan-fiction authors, don't you get a real crush to your self-stamina when you see all those reviews for those other people? Like when they get a whole lot of reviews in just a few chapters? Well I do. 

This post has to be a short one, I gotta go. Toodles!