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I'm so glad it's almost over. I presented the world in the 1890's today. It went well. Most of the time. I guess. Uh huh. Maybe. Yeah. My research was on European literature of the 19th century. I found it, of course, in Wikipedia. Duh. 

And anyway, the PTCCs are finally over (at least for me.) The worst part was that my mom's PTCC with my teacher/principle was at 1:30 PM. And I got dismissed at 11:00. So, fortunately for me, I was allowed to go home first before I went back to school later at 1:00. But, that's not it. Unfortunately for me, my mom had scheduled all the PTCC and PTCs (Parent-Teacher-Conference. It's not fair. Only the 7th graders have PTCCs) of me and my sisters (I have two that go to my school) on the same day. One after the other. So, I had brought my ipod and four books to read, during the 3 hour stay in an empty school. Well, there were some people there, but nevertheless. I was completely and utterly BORED

Anyway, the PTCC went fine. They didn't ask me any personal questions unless this counts..."I only have one question for you. Your mom says you wanted to be a pastry chef when you grow up, and now you want to be a writer. Why the change?" That question was slightly hard to answer. So I decided to act all goody-goody and say something like... "Oh. After all the books I've read, I wanted to write as good as those." Was that stupid? Or not? Or do you care at all?

Whatever then, my teacher/principle accepted my answer and told me how I did on the LCOM, an exam I took during the semester. Good for me, because he said I got into the top 5 of my class! WOO! YEAH! I'M ON FIRE! Okay, well... 

The fan-fiction (My Music Camp) is going to be updated soon. WOOT! YES! There are some... ahem... interesting scenes in it. Check 'em out if you wanna. *grins maliciously* Seriously, stop by Don't forget to drop by a review while your at it! 

Gah, why do I keep on making short posts? Argh... Anyway, hope you all don't mind. See 'ya later. 

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