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Phew! The week of doomed torture is nearly over. Today went by without a hitch; I've even received the results of my Filipino and Sibika tests! Just to see if you're wanting to know my score, here's what I earned. 

Sibika - 2nd 
Filipino - 1st; top

I feel so proud of myself. Sigh... Anyway, I'm typing up a long chapter for My Music Camp, so keep watch! And it's Mikan's debut too! Ballet, I mean. Natsume already got his chance to show his stuff in hip-hop. I got a lot of reviews telling me how hot I made him sound. Heh heh. Thanks to my reviewers! 

So, we had our P.E. Quarterly Exam today. It was practical; folk dancing. Let's just say I'm very... clumsy. Yeah, let's just stick with that. But, surprisingly, I did well! I might have gotten top! Might. I don't predict the future or anything like that. Just some steps, they were easy enough. Foot work and hand movements; they were fine separately, but together? That's a whole different matter. But either way, I did well. 

And we had a test, I forgot to say. On math. Yeah, it was kinda easy, only fractions (I mean, please! Fractions, for 7th graders?) I skipped 3 questions. But the rest I'm pretty sure I got it aced. Well... nah, not really. A bit. 

Nothing else interesting happened today, so I might as well dawdle about random, mindless stuff. Okay, so my fan-fiction is going well. In the only 5 chapters, so far, I have about... 94 reviews! WOWZA! I never knew I had that many... Ah, well. Hopefully, with my sixth chapter coming up soon (please don't forget to give it a glance, by the way) I'll be able to get a few more additions to the growing number. Drop by and give a generous review too, please! It would mean a lot to me. I'm deciding that as a reward to the lucky 100th reviewer, I'd dedicate the 7th or 8th chapter to him/her. Congrats to the lucky winner! Woot woot woot!

Whatever. Anyway, I guess I've got nothing more to say. Toodles, then. LOL. I never actually say the word "toodles" out loud. It just sounds too gay. And again, I don't care. 

Don't forget! Read and review my fan-fiction! My Music Camp 


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