I Made It Through Tuesday Alive  

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I made it through Tuesday alive.

Thankfully, I made it. For all those people who thought I wouldn't survive, IN YOUR FACE! Well, anyway, time to tell you about my day. Not that you want to hear it, but oh well.
So, today we were supposed to report on the world in the 1890's. But then, most of the males in our class were just cramming and our Teacher/Principal decided to postpone it to... I don't know. Tomorrow maybe. Good thing I finished it. I was panicking when I got to school this morning, I asked my friend to print some pictures for me. Yeah, I'm a slave-driver. Well, thank goodness, because she brought and it was laser printed. It was all smooth and stuff. Neat. 

I was ecstatic when she gave it to me. Thanking her over and over again. She just brushed me off saying, 'No problem, your welcome.' Seriously, she is my life saver. Oh yeah, did I mention she's my best friend? No? Well know you know.

Well, I pasted it to my manila poster and wala! I'm done. The pictures were a bit small though. But who cares? They're laser printed! I showed it to my Teacher and he gave the okay. 

I was able to type up a little bit on My Music Camp, my Gakuen Alice fan-fiction. If you haven't read it, then read it. Just some little tid-bits of NXM moments. Maybe I'll be able to get a few more reviews. It'll have a bit of Mikan's ballet, which she wasn't able to show what she could do. 

Hey, for those other fan-fiction authors, don't you get a real crush to your self-stamina when you see all those reviews for those other people? Like when they get a whole lot of reviews in just a few chapters? Well I do. 

This post has to be a short one, I gotta go. Toodles!        

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