PTCC Nightmare  

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I don't think I'll be able to last this week. No kidding. 

There's just too much due! As in, too much due. I don't know where to start. There's a research due tomorrow, and I'm not done (I need visual images/pictures). Then, there's art too tomorrow. And I need some stuff for art that I can't possibly get at such short notice. I hate myself. I was too lazy to get them when I had the chance! Sigh... 

Then, on Wednesday, I have a quarterly exam for P.E. It's a practical exam, no biggie though. But my coach's written exams are HELL. So hard... Sometimes, I can't get why it's called "Physical Education" when we don't do much physical things. Sigh again... And on that same day we have a test on math. One of my worst subjects. 

Thursday, there's another research due. I have a partner for that. My best friend is my partner. Unfortunately, we both have endless work to do, and weren't able to even get half of it finished. 

Thankfully, on Friday, we don't have P.E. (P.E. was moved to wednesday for the test) We have music though. But it's not that bad, its a free day so we can bring any instrument we want and have a party! XD I know the guys in my class are all gonna bring their guitars and strum till my ears bleed. No, actually, they do that everyday. Oh, for the party I'm supposed to bring one Thai dish. No offense to those Thai food lovers, but I hate Thai. I gotta research on the country I got the dish from too. I wanted to do Japan but my classmate just had to get it. Thanks to her. Note the sarcasm. 

But after Friday, I'M FREE!!!!!!! Its sem break. Semester break for those bimbos who can't get shortcuts. Anyway, hopefully, I'll be able to finish all that and update on my fanfiction. 

If you have the heart, drop by and review please? My fanfiction pen name is "Tearless Sonnet" Just search me in and you'll find it. Don't forget the review part. 

Wait, I almost forgot the whole point of this blog! This week, we have PTCCs (Parent-Teacher-Child-Conference) and so we're all allowed to leave early fro school, like at 11:00. This is a new thing, actually, because we got a new principal. He's our teacher. Ouch. If you screw up, you won't get sent to the principal's office now! LOL. But he's okay, I mean. He's funny and all. Anyway, back to the point, the PTCCs are now including us (well only the 7th graders, yes, including me) in it. As in, before, we weren't supposed to be there when the PTCCs were going on. Now we're going to actually be there. Well, hopefully things won't go too bad... 


PS: All my fanfiction are Gakuen Alice.       

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