At Last! This Wretched Week is Over!  

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Yup, you guessed it, SEM BREAK HAS FINALLY ARRIVED! WOOHOO! I'm free! Hallelujah! I'm so glad this week is over... 

Time to give a recap on my day... Okay then, my maid made chicken pandan for the food sharing thing. Actually, I found out that I wasn't supposed to bring in Thai food. I was supposed to bring in Korean food. And I did the research and everything! I could have killed myself. And, the guy who was supposed to do Thai in the first place, brought the same food I brought! I mean, how much does that suck? A lot. 

Okay, so now since I have a lot of free time on my hands, I'll be making two new fan-fiction series. Here are the summaries for the both of them, but unfortunately they both don't have titles yet. Suggest some, too if you please!

Mikan Sakura has lived in luxury all her life. That is, until she is sent to her uncle's farm in the countryside to escape from the terrible plague that finished her mother off. She meets Natsume Hyuuga, a poor, simple stableboy and begins to take an interest in him, befriending him gladly. Natsume takes some time to warm up to her, but eventually, he does, his friendship with her slowly turning into a mutual attraction. But Natsume feels that he is not good enough for her, and stays his distance. Mikan can't seem to understand why, and slowly seems to realize her own deeper feelings for Natsume. Will these two overcome their defenses and confess? Or will they keep their feelings bottled up?

Okay! That was the first one I did. I'm nearly done with the first chapter, but I can't seem to get a good title. Help me please! Okay, I'm planning on a another update to every single one of my fan-fiction series that I haven't finished. Be ready! Now here's the next summary... It's in Natsume's POV (point of view)

I wasn't allowed to actually live a life. Nor to reveal any of my emotions. That was just the way it was. That was the life of an assassin. But after an encounter with a certain brunette, I don't think my feelings will stay the same. 

Wee! I guess you're all intrigued now? If you are, wait patiently for my update, and suggest some titles too while you're at it! PLEASE! I really need it. 

I don't have anything to say now, and I might not post anything this week sooner. I am going to update on a lot after all. Well, for now, sayonara!          


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I've given you a suggestion for the first fiction (Plagued Love) umm... suggie for the second one? Turning Point?? :O That sounds like a good one actually ^^ If you decide not to use it, ima write one based on the title :D lolies Message me on if you do decide to use the title because then I know ima have to chenge it :D lol see yhoo ~Springy